Thoughts on material and body

Choreography: Kerem Shemi

Dancers: Kerem and Amitai Shemi+ three bodies 

Music: Bjork 

Musical editing: Hanan Ben Simon

The piece was created and performed together with my brother Amitai Shemi, who is not a professional dancer. The interest for this dance started to grow during training sessions we used to do regularly, exploring different movement possibilities or exercising. During the physical work, I noticed how similar we are, not just in the way we look but also in our body structure, movement choices and gestures. I was fascinated by observing how the same body actions and movements manifest themselves in two similar bodies in male and female version.

In the dance we explore the material of the body in its raw state, peeled from images and expectations like man and woman, brother and sister etc. We lift, place down, throw, pull, tap on the surface, create rhythm, roll, fall, play, research our own body material with relation to the other.