Dancing with a Partner Alone

Choreography and dance: Kerem Shemi

Music: Moondog - I'm this, I'm that, Nicolas Jaar - Three Sides of Nazareth

Premier: 9th of March, Tanztage Ingolstadt 2019


Dancing - moving with the body, being, sensing, remembering..?

With a partner - with x, y, z, with ambiguities within oneself..?

Alone - united? No one else present?


In traditional Chinese martial arts one can observe how encountering a partner can form physical movements and qualities that imprint into the body even when performed individually. The partner and the fighting situation become a mirror that gives feedback to oneself about the physical movement and the inner voices (fights, entities) within oneself. Through her experience in martial arts, Kerem Shemi is taking these ideas into her research, creating her solo: Dancing with a partner alone. She lets the body travel between physical traces and sensual memories that are created from encounters with others and with her own inner plurality, raising the question whether we ever are ‘alone’.