Tai Chi and internal martial arts

The aim of these classes is to adapt the traditional Tai Chi practice to the needs and tasks of humans in modern life.


In the class we combine soft practice, concentrated on breathing and a meditative state of mind, with more dynamic movement and demanding exercises, including low stances and elastic stretching, to develop strength and flexibility.

Through the practice we learn how to let go of physical habits, finding the right posture of the spine, soften our bodies, relaxing our minds, and increase movement range and body abilities.

By learning from the old wisdom of the Chinese martial arts, adapted to our modern way of life, one can bring a great balance and well-being to his daily life, while keeping his body healthier and his soul happier! 


Tai Chi and Qi Gong practice which will be taught in the class:  


  • Hui Chun Qi Gong (back to spring)

  • Five animals Qi Gong

  • 18 Tai Chi steps